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Grooming Tips by Rose


Why care about mats?

  • Since mats rest tightly on the skin, they often hide pre-existing conditions. Shaving them can cause or reveal injuries such a inflamation, infections, restricted movement, and blood circulation problems.
  • Importantly, mats on ears restrict blood flow so they can cause hematomas. Removing mats can trigger a sudden rush of blood to the ears. Thus, bleeding can occur: typically at the tips of the ears.

Why do mats have to be removed with clippers?

  • Mats are removed with clippers because it is usually the safest option.
  • Brushing mats out could be painful and cutting them out with scissors is usually avoided because the skin could be cut.

How to prevent mats?

  • Remember to comb your pet prior to a bath or swim; especially if he or she is a long-haired breed.
  • Visit your groomer at least every six to eight weeks if you have a breed that requires a haircut.
  • Remember you can always schedule a comb out for your pet in between grooms.

How to brush?

  • Gently brush with a metal comb and make sure the comb touches the skin: not just the top layer of fur.
  • Remember to comb your pet’s entire body including the tail, inside and outside of his or her legs, and the entire outside of the ear (including behind it).