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Our experienced staff will make your pets safe and comfortable. We treat your pets as if they were our own. Grooming By Rose offers quality services including haircuts, baths, toenail trimming and other hygiene services to keep your beloved pet happy and healthy. We pride ourselves in taking care of our customers and assuring a pleasant experience for your best friend. We now offer teeth cleaning!

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Grooming Tips by Rose


Why care about mats?

  • Since mats rest tightly on the skin, they often hide pre-existing conditions. Shaving them can cause or reveal injuries such a inflamation, infections, restricted movement, and blood circulation problems.
  • Importantly, mats on ears restrict blood flow so they can cause hematomas. Removing mats can trigger a sudden rush of blood to the ears. Thus, bleeding can occur: typically at the tips of the ears.

Why do mats have to be removed with clippers?

  • Mats are removed with clippers because it is usually the safest option.
  • Brushing mats out could be painful and cutting them out with scissors is usually avoided because the skin could be cut.

How to prevent mats?

  • Remember to comb your pet prior to a bath or swim; especially if he or she is a long-haired breed.
  • Visit your groomer at least every six to eight weeks if you have a breed that requires a haircut.
  • Remember you can always schedule a comb out for your pet in between grooms.

How to brush?

  • Gently brush with a metal comb and make sure the comb touches the skin: not just the top layer of fur.
  • Remember to comb your pet’s entire body including the tail, inside and outside of his or her legs, and the entire outside of the ear (including behind it).