Grooming By Rose

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Cats do lick themselves, and their raspy tongue does aid in the neatening of their hair. But just as with dogs, our feline friends can benefit from regular professional grooming to enhance not only their appearance but their comfort & health as well. Cats need professional help to remove the oils, dander and loose hair that builds up in their coat.

Our staff understands the unique temperaments of cats and can help ensure a wonderful grooming experience for them. With experience handling different breeds of cats, we will be well prepared to handle your kitty’s grooming needs.

Long hair or short hair, we can make your kitty look and smell purrfectly. We offer full grooming including bath, nail trimming, nail caps, ears, basic sanitary trimming and de-matting. You can feel safe and assured that your cat will be handled with TLC as we are trained in Feline First Aid and CPR Certified.

Prices based on every-six-week groom.